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Representation election Civil Society in CONANDA
On the last day November 26, 2010, was held the Election and Alternate to represent civil society in CONANDA (National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents), for the next biennium 2011/2012.   The Brazilian Federation of YMCAs was elected as member of a total of 21 votes.   For more information about the election, visit the "Portal of the Rights of Children and Adolescents" by clicking on the link below:     http://www.direitos... Continued...
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Taller Training and Planning YMCA LEADERS
From 7th to 10th December 2010, was held in Managua - Nicaragua, the Taller Training and Planning YMCA LEADERS.   Was presented by the JSP Taller (Youth Safety Program), which supports many programs for young people who have shown interest in YMCA LEADERS.   The Taller had participants representing YMCAs of Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.   Eleven were certified instructors corresponding to levels I, II and III according to the procedure developed ... Continued...
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National Camp for Youth   "Come make new friends and have fun in a mountain climate!"   The camp will be held between 21 and 25 January 2011 in Macaws - RJ, Night will feature games, Trekking, Games Cooperation, Recreational Activities and more.   For more information: (15) 3234.9110 or   ----------   We will continue to update the site with more information about events in 2011.
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ACM Futsal Cup II - 110 Years ACMs - RS
The creation of futsal, the YMCA of Montevideo in 1930, spurred in 2010, the YMCA Sports Centre, organize a Futsal World Cup, in allusion to the passage of 80 years this sport spread throughout the world and proud of all paras acemistas.   The success of the first event was so great that, in 2011, the institution will promote the Second ACM Futsal Cup, this time in reference to the 110 years of the YMCA in Rio Grande do Sul "Our proposal will work under the same focus f... Continued...
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ADS ACM promotes Camps
The holidays that are a joy to young people, can be a major concern for those responsible. Often, parents do not have alternatives to occupy the free time of the children. For this need is met during the months of January and February, ACM annually promotes the Camps for young Care Units Area of Social Development (ADS) of the institution.   In ACM Foundation, the colony occurs gymkhana activities, diverse workshops, horseback Itapuã, the City Park, with bus tour of t... Continued...
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Recording Program for the Reunion
"Mr. Maurice Vandorse Secretary General of Federation of YMCAs and Mr. Alexandre Rodrigues de Souza Executive ACM-RJ, recorded on the last day February 14, 2011 Program Tv Reecontro of Brazil, the agenda was about the work that the ACMs has developed among young people of Brazil do not yet know the date that it will air, we will disclose the date so that we get this information, as it follows a photo of the meeting. "
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Anniversary 34 Years of Unity Itaquera
On the 20th of March to Unit Itaquera be doing 34 years of life and to celebrate this day so special Unit invites you to join the celebration with performances of Gymnastics and Dance, which will take place on 19 March   Congratulations to Unit Itaquera.
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Dies at 73 Years Moacyr Scliar
The writer, medical, Gaucho and more than one partner for ACM Moacyr Scliar died at 1 am Sunday, aged 73. He had suffered a stroke (CVA) ischemic and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital de Clinicas from January 17. According to medical report, SCLIAR had multiple organ failure. The funeral opened yesterday, was up to 20 hours in the salon Julio de Castillos, the Assembly. The funeral is scheduled for today booked at 8 pm in the Cemetery of the Israeli Union of Por... Continued...
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Week Canaval with walking and aerobics
From February 28th until March 4th ACM-Island is a schedule of breathtaking liveliest partygoers. Carnival block and lot walking and aerobics. The carnival week starts on ACM-Island Beach Zombie (28) with a walk to the outskirts of the neighborhood and then a lot of aerobic activity from 8:30 am until 10:30 am.   On March 2 a block excited by the presence of members and teachers will infect the unity of the ACM-Island. Ending the week on March 4 in a super aulão Engen... Continued...
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Exhibition tells story of 110 years of ACM-RS
Exhibition tells story of 110 years of ACM-RS   Through a traveling exhibition from the 1st of March, the YMCA of Rio Grande do Sul (RS-ACM), tells the story of its 110 years of existence. The idea is to address, through various panels with photos and information about the work and contributions to the community of the ACM gaucho.   The exhibition, which throughout the years pass by large companies and public bodies of the State, is part of the activities markin... Continued...
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Block Party Zé Pereira
The block Zé Pereira, CDC Leide das Neves will parade in their neighborhood of Jabalpur, the sound of great music, banter and entertainment.   For those who still do not know where to have fun in March, this is a great choice of celebration and joy. Besides singing and dancing with the block, participants also have the opportunity to redeem the old marches, which is the main objective of the CDC.   The organizers of the block are CDC employees and have th... Continued...
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The Faculty of Physical Education of Sorocaba, SP (FEFISO) invites everyone to participate in the International Day of Physical Education, which will take place from 22/03 to 26/03.   The Jief will feature Fair Booths, Free Lectures, Courses Miscellaneous, Y Fitness and Wellness, Pilates and swimming, among other events.   Registrations can be made right in ACM Sorocaba Unit (Center), which is located at Rua da Penha, 680 - Centro (Monday to Friday from 08h00 to... Continued...
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