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Women Featured
Today we can say, without fear of error, that the world is "dominated" by women, in any area or field. The increasing their participation, whether in politics, the economy, the universities, is a major symptom, which at the present time, women and men have the same importance. The book "The Woman in the Third Millennium", in which was attended by Ruth Niskier, this is exemplified:    "This is not simply extol the presence and participation of women in Brazilian societ... Continued...
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Rights of Children and Adolescents
Like any citizen, children and teenagers have their rights and in this case, are contained in the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA), provided by law number 8069, enacted in 1990 by the then president of the republic Fernando Collor de Melo. To begin, it is considered child, according to that law, the person until the age of twelve incomplete, and that teenagers between twelve and eighteen years of age.   The ECA has 267 (two hundred sixty-seven) items, only a few p... Continued...
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Violence Child: "The cowardice of cowardice"
Since 1990, we have the Child and Adolescent (ECA), which aims to guarantee the right of children and adolescents to miniNAS conditions, such as health, food, education, finally, without any exploitation, violence or cruelty.   But we live with situations that go against the precepts of this Federal Law. Unfortunately many cases rooted in socio-economic conditions of the country, such as the high concentration of income this ridiculously in our nation. Another example, inf... Continued...
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ACM Gaza suffers terrorist attack
Unfortunately, on February 15, ACM Gaza suffered a blow in its structure, a bomb attack in your library, and the invasion of unidentified gunmen, who disarmed the guards who ran the place on the day of the incident. Luckily, there were no injuries.   The Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs, Dr. Bart Shaha and comments that criticizes this act of gratuitous violence.   "The YMCAs of the Middle East has always promoted peace in the region and are work... Continued...
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National Camp shakes the city of Sorocaba
Held between 26 and 31 January, in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo, the National Camp brought together young people from various YMCAs throughout Brazil, such as São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sorocaba .   This event is organized by the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs, through the National Youth Work, was attended by 61 participants, 54 young and 7 Professional.   The headquarters of the YMCA Camp Sorocaba has a large space, wi... Continued...
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ACM Total Fitness opens its doors in Rio Grande do Sul
In a large cocktail party, held on February 28, the YMCA of the RS Academy opened its first own-brand. With approximately 600 square meters, ACM Total Fitness is located in the center of shopping, leisure and culture of the state capital, Shopping Total.   The opening party of the new venture acemista with the presence of several people, including, employees, professionals, volunteers, secretaries and the president of ACM RS, in which all participated in the protocol and t... Continued...
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OAS in search of democracy youth
The thirty-eighth regular session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States will be held from 1 to 3 June 2008 in the city of Medellín, Colombia. The sessions will take place in the Plaza Mayor complex, consisting of the Convention Centre and the Exhibition Palace.   To make the reader aware of what will happen, first talk about the OAS - Organization of American States - which conducts discussions with a large number of regional and global topi... Continued...
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Good practices in the fight against AIDS and HIV
A code of good practice for NGOs working in the fight against HIV and AIDS was developed. The World Alliance of YMCAs is one of the first organizations to sign it.   Sharing the vision of Practice.   The code identifies the key practical skills required for success in the fight against AIDS. Its goal is to help NGOs improve the quality of their work and publicize this to reach new partners and communities. The idea is to allow NGOs share a common vision of their... Continued...
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Panama receives events of YMCAs
In the event that began on March 31 and extended by mid-April, the city of Panama was the site of three major events that involved the participation of volunteers from many parts of the globe, and the presence of General Secretaries and Presidents of YMCAs Latin America and the Caribbean.   First, we held the International Seminar of General Secretaries and Presidents of YMCAs. With the theme "Building a culture of philanthropy and seeking funds", the event was attended by... Continued...
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New representative for young MESOAMERICA
During the last meeting of the Executive Committee of the YMCA Latin America and the Caribbean, Panama, made ​​public the official presentation of Maurice Korber, as a new representative of the Sub-Region Mesoamerica, formed by El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.   Maurice is 21 years old, is a volunteer youth Mexican leader at the YMCA of the City of Mexico, especially in strengthening activities in youth work. Its inclusion as a me... Continued...
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Acemista helps flood victims in Ecuador
The technical Nursing, Volnei Tarcisio da Silva, formed by ACM Region of Hydrangeas, helped homeless, between April 13 and May 5, who suffered the terrible floods that inundated some cities of Ecuador.   The acemista joined the International Brigade, who answered thousands of people affected by the rains and floods in the South American country. Volunteer settled in Porto Viejo, capital of the province of Manabi, which provided humanitarian assistance acemistas with other ... Continued...
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Mother's Day - 90 years of history with the ACM RS
May 11, we celebrate another Mother's Day. For those unaware, this date was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in the United States, specifically in the state of West Virginia. Moreover, we can say that this date is parallel connected with the history of the YMCA of Rio Grande do Sul   The celebration of Mother's Day, which always occurs on the second Sunday in May, was brought to the country in 1918 by the then Secretary-General of the ACM RS, Frank Long. The city of ... Continued...
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