Acampamento Nacional de Jovens - 2014

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World Council 2014

  World Council 2014​ 


The World Council is the gathering of the global YMCA movement organized every four years by the World Alliance of YMCAs in 2014 and hosted by the YMCA of the USA. During the event, YMCAs will gather to share, learn and build upon the work of the strategy in a new way.

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JABs 2013




JABs 2013



This year, the jabs will be held during 13-20 of July in Sorocaba / SP.

Participation is young, at least three months in any of the associated ACM Brazil, born afte... Continued...

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Institutional Video

Check out the Video Institucional presented at the 17th World Council of YMCAs:

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Tsunami - ACM Brazil mobilizes
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Sorocaba YMCA opens new site!

With a bold design and current ACM Sorocaba, amid the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation, launches its new virtual space with detailed information about the institution and the services it provides to the community sorocabana.


Do not miss. The address is

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ACM Electronic Elections in Porto Alegre

On October 27, 2004, was held the Annual General Meeting of Members of ACM Basic Porto Alegre.


The Assembly aims to renew one third of the Board and the Board Sheet fourth ACM Gaucho, for the year 2005.


Historically conducted through ballots for manual filling, the election innovated with electronic voting. The program was created by the Department of Technology and Computing ACM Porto Alegre and approved by the shareholde... Continued...

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Youth Forum - Mexico - Camohmila 2004

Happen in Mexico, 8-13 October the Youth Forum of the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCAs.


The event will be headquartered at Camp Camohmila and will be concurrent with the executive committee meeting of the body area.


The young participants will discuss topics about youth leadership and citizen participation.


The proposal is to plan local actions connected to a large network of young ... Continued...

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XXIX Brazilian Acemistas Games

Sports tradition: Jabs 2004


In the period 17-24 July the ACM Sorocaba, who complete 50 years of existence in 2004, was the headquarters of Jabs - XXIX Games Acemistas Brazilians.


Activities relevant to the event were held in the Gym Sports Hall of Sorocaba, Sports Complex and Units Villa Verde Garden Center and St. Paul of the ACM Sorocaba.


Among young people, professionals and volunteers were, in all, ... Continued...

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Public Act in Defense of Life.

The Brazilian Federation of YMCAs participated, day 24/03/2007 at Praça da Sé, in São Paulo, a public act in defense of life and against the bill that provides legalization of abortion up to the 9th. month of pregnancy.


The event brought together some 10,000 people and was attended by many representative of organized civil society. Speeches, as the president of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs, and musical performances, among t... Continued...

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CampusACM Festival brings together 500 young people in São Paulo

Day 17 March 2007 the Festival happened CampusACM premises of the YMCA center in Sao Paulo.


The event brought together young people from all parts of the metropolitan region of São Paulo and the State for a day full of activities such as recreation, sports, music, lectures and much learning.


On schedule to happen Youth Fair where youth organization or focusing on youth presented their work. The fair was attended by ... Continued...

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