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National Education Day Camp
The activity of educational camps has existed for about 66 years in Brazil and over 110 years abroad.   This means that generations of campers have had the experience of traveling without the family, with a group of children and young people of the same age and enjoying leisure activities and community life in a very particular way, in a kind of experience that probably only is possible in a camp environment . To celebrate this activity for decades is part of the edu... Continued...
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Day Acemista
Day Acemista - 06/junho
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Government Federal RS ACM Honors
On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 6th, the Federal Government paid tribute to the ACM-RS for the services that the institution provides 110 years ago to the Brazilian people. ACM-RS works by recognizing the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and their equal rights of freedom, justice and peace in the world, focused mainly on children and adolescents, religious tolerance and closeness between peoples. The Government's recognition was made by the Minister of Huma... Continued...
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Challenge Day YMCA
In order to demonstrate the relevance of ACM to the world and also as part of its action plan, the World Alliance of YMCAs launched a challenge to the whole world movement: Gather more than five million people for a day of activities genuine acemistas demonstrating ways of empowering youth.   This, with the common element of the throw basketballs for all participants (due to the strong historical link of ACM in the creation of this sport in Massachusetts / USA, 1891 by Jam... Continued...
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Rio +20
The World Alliance of YMCAs, much encouraging the participation of young people and leaders worldwide movement acemista the Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro from October 20 to June 22. YMCAs mobilizations organized youth to sensitize communities on sustainable development in order to increase the participation of the YMCA / YMCA in the discussion on the subject with young people as protagonists.   The movement acemista was represented ... Continued...
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Celebration of 119 years of the ACM Rio de Janeiro
In a career of victories and achievements to the YMCA of Rio de Janeiro, the first in Brazil and Latin America, appeared in 1893 to continue the international movement, active since 1844 when a group of young people led by George Williams in full industrial revolution materializes in front of the social impacts of the time, "Movement Acemista (YMCA)" with the proposal to allow the healthy and harmonious development of young people living in London in the eighteenth century.   ... Continued...
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