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Opportunity Exchange: Mano a Mano Without Borders 2007.
Registrations are now open for the cultural exchange program "Mano a Mano without borders". The program will take place between July 27 and August 10 aims to provide a new cultural experience and strengthen the social engagement of young participants. It is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs and YMCA International.   The program is developed since 1991 by the YMCAs of Mexico, Canada and the United States has had the participation of 425 y... Continued...
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"Children First". Childhood is the theme of the World Week of Prayer
The week of prayer is done in YMCAs around the world since the year 1875. Your ultimate goal is to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ as disseminates them in our society. Note the importance of this work is observed when the reaffirmation of Christian values​​, guiding philosophy of our institution.   In 2007, the Week of Prayer (Week of Prayer 2007), will be held between 11th and November 17th in all-YMCAs YMCAs in the world, and will have as its central... Continued...
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WhYmca - Join the forum discussion on Youth Leadership.
The site of the World Alliance of YMCAs (World Alliance of YMCAs), provides a virtual space for discussion about the Youth Leadership Acemista. The space is free for all give opinion on a particular topic on the agenda. At the moment, the discussion is based on the theme of Children Law (Children's Right). To participate, simply enter the site of the World Alliance, click the "WhYmca?" And placing the order.   The whole discussion is done through comments ... Continued...
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Basketball: The ACM to the world
Few people know the origin of one of the most popular sports in the world, basketball, known in Brazil just like basketball. It was invented in December 1891 by Canadian James Naismisth, physical education teacher at Springfield College, then called the YMCA in Massachusetts, in the United States.   At the time, James received a task director of the ACM creating a sport that could be practicing in an enclosed (preferably a gym), because of the severe cold that prevented th... Continued...
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Die Dr. Hélio Teixeira Callado
It is with regret that the Brazilian Federation of Young Men's Christian Associations announces the death of its former President and invaluable collaborator, Dr. Hélio Teixeira Draught.   City of Sorocaba Av Eng. Reinaldo Carlos Mendes, 2945 Sorocaba / SP (Next to City Hall)   burial 10/08/2007 at 16:00 Pax cemetery Eptácio Person Street, 240 Besides bridge, Sorocaba / SP
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The National Camp and Summer Camp
The National Commission for Social Development, also known by the acronym CNACF, is an organization that supports the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs. It is a standing committee with its own regulations, and is staffed by volunteers, professionals and Executive Secretaries of the ACM.   Autonomy to create and install subcommittees in order to quench their tasks and / or needs, CNACF consists of three representatives from each of the ACM Brazil, being a young volunteer, a vol... Continued...
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ACM proposes Mexican exchange
A YMCA fazer México, propõe AO Movimento acemista brasileiro, atraves de Seu Secretario Geral, o Sr. Ernesto Gaona Sánchez, um intercambio cultural empre Jovens dos Dois paises.   ALÉM de estreitar Laços Entre como Duas ACMs ea Partir Dai, CRIAR Programas Que envolva Os Dois paises, a Idéia E Fazer com Que brasileiros Viagem ao México parágrafo Conhecer a Cultura local, Sendo Que nossos "hermanos" oferecem Estadia e A... Continued...
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Week of Action on Trade held in October
In October of that year, more precisely between 14 and 21 will be held the Week of Action on Trade, which will be attended churches, civic groups outside the world and of course, with the movement acemista. In 2005, churches have come together for a Global Week of Action for justice in the food trade.   On that occasion, the movement more than 10 million people, scattered throughout the world. It was the first big event with a global reach in the fight against poverty. Now... Continued...
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ACM is present at the Turn Sports
It happened this weekend, the first upset Sport, organized by the Municipal Sports Recreation in São Paulo. Inspired by the three (3) editions of the Cultural Turn, the start of the event was given at 14 am Saturday at the Youth Park, former Carandiru prison, north of the capital.   The godfather of upset was the athlete of the century Pelé, who beside the mayor Gilberto Kassab, the governor José Serra, the sports minister Orlando Silva and Secretary S... Continued...
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II Latin American Forum of Young
4 to October 6 next last happened in Chocica, about an hour and a half from the city of Lima, Peru II Forum Latin American and Caribbean Youth ACM.   50 people representing 15 countries shared in an atmosphere of brotherhood, joy and spirituality an intense schedule of subjects among which stand out:   Contributions in the construction of the Regional Leadership Training (PRF), Citizenship Youth, Experiences participation in public affairs from a young perspecti... Continued...
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It consists of the Latin American Network of Physical Education and He
In São Paulo, Brazil, on the same occasion of the National Meeting of the Latin American and Physical Education and Health, is formally established the Network of Physical Education and Health (REFS). This meeting was attended by representatives of various countries and Miguel Blasco, Executive Programs and Projects of LACA.   The Coordinating Committee meets mentally in one of the conference rooms managed by LAC.   + Information
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Young volunteer in Spain
The YMCA offers its members and interested persons the opportunity to develop activities such as exchanges, other units in the world. It was the case of the young Leticia Regina Vaccaro, who in July, was at the YMCA of Spain to work voluntarily at a camp site, located to the north of the country, in the region of the Pyrenees.   The Brazilian reports receipt obtained from the moment they planted their feet on Spanish soil, more precisely in the capital.   "From ... Continued...
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