13th National Meeting of Social Development

The 13th National Meeting of Social Development, held in September 2008 in Brasilia, comes reiterate Open Letters and proposals of Rio de Janeiro, Itapeva, Brasilia, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo and Sorocaba, which focus the need to build technologies and a body of guidelines and objectives for the social development of YMCAs of Brazil.


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Politics of Welfare of YMCAs of Brazil

The 13th National Meeting of Social Development, held in September 2008 in Brasilia, aimed to make the YMCAs of Brazil to adopt the policy of social assistance nationwide, thus aligning their actions with the Organic Law of Social Assistance - Invalidity, the National Policy for Social Assistance - PNAS/2004 and Basic Operational Norm of the Unified Social Assistance - NOB / SUAS.


ACM has recognized its public character to offer, as a partner of the... Continued...

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ACM Santos and Environment

Did you know that you can recycle just about anything? Currently only the trash remains a problem because we do not give him proper treatment.


The Brazil took quite considerably to recycle their rubbish. Today the idea has brought many jobs and directly contributes to the wealth and quality of life in the country.


In addition, great strides have been made ​​in the science of recycling. Currently there are proje... Continued...

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National Meeting of Health & Physical Education and the Latin America
National Meeting of Health & Physical Education and the Latin American and Caribbean Physical Education and Health
Friday, October 24, 2008
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Training of trainers YMCA Leaders

On 15 and 16 November 2008, educators of YMCAs of Sorocaba, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo participated in the first stage of training for the YMCA project leaders.


The program is scheduled to begin in 2009 and aims to become the reference in the training of leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean. The idea stems from a youth group in 2004 and has come a long way from discussions at the continental level to format a new vision ... Continued...

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Inauguration of the headquarters itself Fedaração

One of the greatest desires of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs has always been to conquer its own headquarters. On May 27, 2008 this aspiration became a reality with the purchase of a new set. On November 14, after the end of the reform, there was the official opening of the headquarters, in the presence of General Secretaries and Directors of YMCAs of Brazil.

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ACM São Paulo is collecting water for victims in Santa Catarina

Give a show of solidarity!


You also contribute by donating bottles or gallons of water to flood victims in Santa Catarina
Donations will be sent through the Red Cross.


The ACM São Paulo is mobilized and arredação this day 04/12 will come out the first van, drive center.
The deadline for submission is 12/10.



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Mobilization Pro-Santa Cataria continues in YMCAs of Brazil

Brazilian YMCAs are mobilized to aid the victims and are working heavily on donations to those affected.


ACM Brasilia: Collection of mineral water


ACM Rio de Janeiro: Collection of bottled water, nonperishable food and hygiene materials and cleaning


ACM Santos:


Part 1: Until the day 10/12/2008 - Storage of cleani... Continued...

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ACM Rio Grande do Sul receives award

It happened on the 25th of November, at 20 am in the auditorium Mondercil Paulo Soares, prosecutors, the ceremony that rewards the winners of the ARF in 2008, sponsored by the Association Rio Grande Foundation. Facing the third sector institutions and foundations of the state, the purpose of the Award is to encourage the adoption of practices and actions founded on high principles governing the functioning of social institutions. The categories were Management and Innovation.... Continued...

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A call to the ACMs on conflicts in GAZA

Translation of the call of YMCAs in the region of the conflict.


Alert Action for Gaza


Break the silence and act to stop the massacre in Gaza.


Just as the world celebrates Christmas, and welcomes the new year, Israel bombards Gaza as the most violent and deadly airstrike in 1967 killed more than 388 people among them approximately 46 children and ... Continued...

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Completing the course Professional Leadership

With the cooperation of the ACM São Paulo, the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs and coordination of the Institute of Professional Leadership ACM Sorocaba, is being held the Preparation Course Professionals with Module 3rd Sector, with the participation of nine (9) students and 5 (five) guests in the period 19-27 in São Paulo ACM and 28-30 in ACM Sorocaba attended Springfield College.

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42 Enali - National Meeting of Leaders

Held on the 42nd Enali Canela - National Leaders Meeting, this meeting 37 young people aged between 14 and 17 years. Coming from São Paulo, Sorocaba, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Cinnamon discussed matters relating to the problems and influences of communication these days.

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