Social Assistance Policy in Brazil ACM

Already available is the document that records the national social policy of YMCAs of Brazil.

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You want to know more about what happens in the YMCAs of Brazil and the world, is now available on the website as PDF Newsletter Brazilian Federation of YMCAs "HAPPENS", click the link below and check out:
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Journey for Peace

There was in Madrid, the 20th to April 26th, the Journey for Peace, organized by YMCA España and developed by its Secretary General, Juan Simoes, as well as the President of Malta YMCA, Tom Cusens and General Secretary of YMCA Netherlands, Cees Bremmer . This event was attended by 18 youth representing their respective ACM, located in Europe, America and Middle East. The central theme of the Day was provided Integrating Diversity therefore all workshops were based on i... Continued...

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National Meeting of Physical Education in 2009

On 27 and 28 June will be held in Brasília - DF National Meeting of Physical Education, whose main theme is "The Face of Physical Education of YMCAs of Brazil" as a first step to resume a leadership role in this area within the Brazilian territory.


Other topics to be discussed are:


Defining Needs and Problem Solving in Physical Education, and Market Perspective, Standardization Program, Training Emp... Continued...

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National Meeting of Physical Education in 2009

On 27 and 28 June was held in Brasília - DF National Meeting of Physical Education, whose main theme was "The Face of Physical Education of YMCAs of Brazil", in order to start building the basis for work in Physical Education the ACMs and considering that through sport may keep alive the balance between body, soul and mind.


During the opening event highlighted the presence of lords André Arantes - Director of High Perf... Continued...

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1st Meeting of the Full Board

1st Board Meeting Plena held on June 29, 2009 by the Brazilian Federation of Christian Associations Young Men in the Auditorium Italo Brazil Portieri, located at the headquarters of the ACM São Paulo, was attended by 23 participants from Directors and Secretaries General, with presentations and discussions of the Financial Report 2009, Indicators Project, Report of the National Physical Education 2009 Games Acemistas XXXVI Brazilian YMCA leaders, Leadership Institute o... Continued...

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36th edition of the Games Acemistas Brasileiro 2009 (jabs)

The competition most anticipated of the year among young Acemistas, held since 1976, is about to begin, 36th edition of the Games Acemistas Brazilian (jabs) will take place between 25th July to 1st August 2009 in Porto Alegre - RS with the presence of ACMs São Paulo, Sorocaba, Brasilia, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro. Organized by the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs through the National Commission on Working with Young People (CNTJ), are selected internal... Continued...

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Founded the University of ACM Germany

After a few years of planning and preparation, and a long process of accreditation, ACM Germany announced the founding of the YMCA International University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule-CVJM) in Kassel, Germany.


The Path to the University YMCA began in 1991, when the advances of education offered in Kolleg CVJM academic higher education emerged.


In the following years, there were many obstacles to overcome. However, on M... Continued...

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II Course for Trainers - YMCA Leaders

On days 1 to 3 October 2009 will occur "II Trainers Course", in order to train teachers to implement the program in YMCAs YMCA Leaders of Brazil.


What is the YMCA Leaders program?


YMCA is a 16-week course recommended for young people between 15 and 18 years of age, many develop social skills. It is an international project which involved several YMCAs in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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Opening Jabs 2009

On the night of July 25, the Municipal Gymnasium Osmar Fortes Barcellos (earwig), held the opening ceremony of the 36th edition of the Games Acemistas Brazilians, which was attended by the president of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs, Mr. José Antonio Figueiredo Antiório , President of the Latin American Alliance of YMCAs and Caribbean, Mr. Leopoldo Lima, the acting mayor, Mr. José Fortunati; executive program of the Division of general ACM São P... Continued...

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13/novembro/2009 - Friday

  •   13:00 - Bus to Waters Lindenow
  •   16:30 - Check-in - Hotel Monte Real Resort Waters Lindenow
  •   18:00 - Official Opening and Lecture I

                         Jose Augusto Vieira Tavares - "How to Motivate Your Team: The New Role of Lead... Continued...

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REBRATES - Seminar YOUR Unified Social Assistance

Was held on Monday last (05-10-2009) on the premises of the YMCA - Unity Center in São Paulo, the seminar discussed the "ITS - System of Social Assistance."


The seminar was attended by approximately 240 people who had the
opportunity to meet and discuss the "ITS".


Further details about the workshop can be found at
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