24th Anniversary of the ACM Itapeva

24th Anniversary of the ACM Itapeva
The ACM Reloaded!


dinner dance
- Entries
- Salads
- Pasta
- Drinks to the


With the band Mr. Gaspar and Support Buffet's Margaritto


Price: $ 25.00 (individual)


Date: 07/06/2008 - Saturday


Location: Street Cármino Farina, 172 - Vila Isabel (ACM Headqua... Continued...

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Headquarters of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs

One of the greatest desires of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs has always been the achievement of a proper headquarters. On May 27, 2008 this aspiration became a reality with the purchase of a set on the 8th. Floor of the same building which is now allocated and very soon, after a renovation, the team will move.


The purchase of this space was made possible thanks to the work of many years to contain costs and investments that went through several ... Continued...

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XXXV Brazilian Acemistas Games

The XXXV Brazilian Acemistas Games has begun


The JAB's occurs once a year (around a week or so) on July holiday, and aims to integrate young people from the YMCA of Brazil, through sports, social and cultural.


Youth are selected internally and will compete in various forms of men and women, such as Futsal, volleyball, basketball, handball, swimming and table tennis.


And this event comes up se... Continued...

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Futsal! An Olympic Dream in jabs

The jabs participated in the campaign "Futsal! An Olympic Dream"


Our young athletes ACM wore the shirts, you also seen.

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115 years anniversary of ACM's Rio de Janeiro

Sent by the International Committee of YMCAs of the United States and Canada the young missionary MYRON CLARK founded on July 4, 1893, the first marketing authorization in Latin America "ACM Rio de Janeiro."


MYRON CLARK married to a Brazilian (Ciquita Clark) devoted himself entirely to acemista Brazilian movement, died in Brazil.


And on that special date, July 4, occurred 115 years Anniversary of the ACM Rio de Jan... Continued...

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YMCA Europe 2008

The second edition of YMCA Europe is now to begin, between days 3 and August 9, 2008, in Prague, the Czech capital.


The event that happened five years ago in the same place, with young people around the world in days of great entertainment, cultural and sports exchanges.


Promoted by the European Alliance of YMCAs, the event has some major goals, seconded by the organizers as well: Celebrating the Christian spirit of the AC... Continued...

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YMCA VIHblog is a project on the Internet for the prevention of AIDS sponsored by Aliaça Latin American and the Caribbean, where sharing of best practices, news and experiences.


To learn more about this project clique aquiContinued...

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4th Meeting Paulista Foundations

The next day September 13, 2008, the São Paulo Association Foundation (APF) will hold the 4th Meeting of Foundations Paulista.


Experts from around the country will gather around the same ideals for the necessary update knowledge and appreciation of the activities on behalf of Foundations.


This year's theme will be Transparency and Success Foundations - Foundations in São Paulo, in... Continued...

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Michael Phelps at the YMCA of New York

After returning to the United States with eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps entered the pool ACM New York to teach children, this is your new mission, to use his image to promote the practice of exercises.


And as if that were not enough, Phelps gave ACM New York a check for U.S. $ 20 000 (about R $ 32 mi), amount donated by one of his sponsors.


For more information Continued...

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YMCA Europe 2008

A Dream come true!


Was classified as the participation of youngsters at the YMCA Europe 2008 festival that ultimately brought together more than 8,000 young people of YMCAs around the world for a great celebration of life, friendship and Christian values ​​disseminated by our organization.


Thirty tupiniquins knew how to make a difference in the midst of so many people, and gain sympathy collect... Continued...

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10th Anniversary of Challenge 21

Ten years ago, the 14th meeting of the World Council in Frechen, Germany, approved a supplementary document and interpretation of the Paris Basis, which finalizes a process of revision of the Mission, started in Seoul, Korea. Were years of much reflection, dialogue and efforts to build agreements in a process where the Latin American and Caribbean Associations played a very important role to support strongly the character of Christ, the center of our movement, confirming the ... Continued...

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Visit the YMCA of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul

The President of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs José Antonio Figueiredo Antiório and Secretary General Mauricio Enrique Diaz Vandorsee, visited on 15 to 29 September YMCAs of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul


The purpose of this visit is to bring our federation local YMCAs, knowing better their situations and putting the federation to the same provision.


We would like to highlight the excellent reception ... Continued...

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