JABs 2013
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JABs 2013



This year, the jabs will be held during 13-20 of July in Sorocaba / SP.

Participation is young, at least three months in any of the associated ACM Brazil, born after 1992.


The competitions will be held in the premises of the ACM Sorocaba Unit and Jardim Sao Paulo. The delegations will be accommodated in two (2) schools in the city of Sorocaba and all meals will be made in Unity ACM Jardim Sao Paulo.



Collective modalities:

 a) Futsal male and female;

 b) Volleyball male and female;

 c) Basketball male and female;

 d) Handball male and female;



Individual modalities:

a) Swimming male and female

b) Table Tennis male and female



The functions of the 40 Brazilian Acemistas Games of 2013:

a) Commission of honor;

b) Organizing Committee;

c) Board of the trial;

d) The General Regulations.



The committee will consist of the following authorities honor:

 a) President of ACM Sorocaba;

 b) Secretary General of the Brazilian Federation of ACM;

 c) Secretary General of the ACM Sorocaba.



 2. It is the responsibility of higher authority, preside over the official opening ceremony and closing 40 Acemistas Games in Brazil.





1. Each participant of the ACM 40 jabs can consist of a maximum of ninety (90) athletes, more teachers and leaders.

2. Each ACM can participate in as many modalities desired. Need to register two teams by type (A and B), noting the inscription on a maximum of two terms, provided there is no interference with the timetable of games and applications that are made by the due date on the calendar to avoid any inconvenience later. Athletes playing in the "A" team can not, under any circumstances, play in the team "B". In the case of an ACM mode by signing two teams, will be taken into consideration for scoring purposes, the team that best classify (A or B), dismissing scores of others, including participation.

3. Each athlete may compete in as many forms of individual and collective desires, provided there is no interference with the performance of the fixture list.

4. The number of athletes participating in each ACM mode is defined in terms of specific rules in dispute.

5. Calendar entries 40 jabs should be strictly adhered to by the participating delegations, namely:

a) through May 10: Registration of delegation: (e-mail)

b) Until June 7: the prediction of participants (contact Phone)

c) Until June 21: confirmation of modalities (e-mail)

d) Until June 28: submission of applications (by email) and documentation of athletes, officials and associates (email) Rua da Penha, 680 - Centro - Sorocaba - SP - CEP 18010-002;

e) Until June 28: Payment of the registration fee. Send proof via email:; /

f) Until July 1: preparation and presentation of table games to conference;

g) Up to 08 July: the sending end of table games;


6. The documentation of athletes and members of delegations to be sent to ACM Sorocaba and must include:

a) A photo 3 x 4;

b) Copy of social portfolio of ACM;

c) Copy of identity card or birth certificate;

d) Declaration, signed by the Executive Secretary, who all entered are associated with medical examination and are updated.

7. The credential is required before each match, access to the housing and when required.

8. The entry fee per athlete will be R $ 480.00 and R $ 280.00 for the other members of the delegation, including drivers, including:

a) accommodation in classrooms (no mats);

b) Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), 13 dinners for lunch on July 20;

c) Awards;

d) arbitration;

e) Physiotherapy care in local games and during the games;

f) The medical insurance for all athletes (athlete that has national health plan should bring the portfolio);

g) Party socialization;

h) Theme parties ACM Garden Unit in São Paulo, during the week of the games.

9. The registration fee must be paid until 06/28/13 (maximum), as follows:



Bank Brazil

Agency: 0191-0

Current Account: 21897-9


Delegations should send the deposit slip via e-mail:




1. Each delegation should preferably be coordinated by an Executive Secretary and in his absence, by a professional of the YMCA, which is responsible for its entire stake in 40 jabs ACM.

2. In case of indiscipline or financial losses, ACM (s) or investor (s) will be required to pay damages.

3. Transportation between lodging, gaming and other sites is the responsibility of each delegation.

4. Failure to comply with general regulation will the closure of the delegation of 40 jabs, by compromising the integrity of the event.

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