A call to the ACMs on conflicts in GAZA
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Translation of the call of YMCAs in the region of the conflict.


Alert Action for Gaza


Break the silence and act to stop the massacre in Gaza.


Just as the world celebrates Christmas, and welcomes the new year, Israel bombards Gaza as the most violent and deadly airstrike in 1967 killed more than 388 people among them approximately 46 children and 16 women, injuring 1750.


Israeli officials announce that this is just the beginning of something worse to come.


Since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, Palestinians have witnessed daily killings, suffering, lack of supplies demolitions the world seems to be blind to the atrocities of the longest and terrible occupation, a "Holocaust" of contemporary history.


Israel broke all agreements and launches attacks on Gaza, justifying the killing of 388 people in retaliation for two Israelis killed by Palestinian rockets. Since Saturday, the Israeli rockets have struck vital sites, including pharmacies, hospitals, mosques, universities, houses of civilians and even police base where a group was being graded. Although Israel announces that ended its occupation of Gaza, however since the start of 2007, Gaza has been under siege, with all borders closed.


Except for a few random days, electricity was cut several times per week, as well as gas, and the entry of food supplies was denied in order to enhance disaster medical and humanitarian seriously.


The aid agencies complained: "The ongoing siege in Gaza caused destruction of structures for medical care who are unable to meet the needs of hundreds of people. This tends to push up the number of dead. According to Israeli officials, is just the beginning of an open military offensive in Gaza.


It is imperative that the international community will not be silent on the movements of Israel that lead to a situation of impunity. "


We urge the United Nations to strengthen the principles on which it was founded and has recorded in its annals, by asserting the inalienable right of the Palestinian people and to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands.


The ACF of Palestine and East Jerusalem YMCA mourns the death of innocent civilians and pray that their souls rest in peace and calls:


1. That all ACMs and ACFs and partner organizations around the world organize prayer vigils with candles in respect for the dead innocents in this conflict.


2. All ACMs and ACFs, and humanitarian organizations and human rights, and likewise non-governmental organizations and the international community to advocate with their governments for Israel to be pressured to stop attacks that are massacring innocent.


3. That all ACMs ACFs and around the world to put pressure on the UN Security Council emergency meetings to perform settings concrete actions, including the imposition of sanctions on Israel to comply with the obligations under international humanitarian law.


4. Supporting the Israeli political leaders to be brought to international court because of the war crimes that they are committing before its too late and the situation becomes widespread in an escalation of violence.


Posted on December 31, 2008


National Council of ACFs ACM Palestine and East Jerusalem.

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