National Meeting of Physical Education in 2009

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On 27 and 28 June was held in Brasília - DF National Meeting of Physical Education, whose main theme was "The Face of Physical Education of YMCAs of Brazil", in order to start building the basis for work in Physical Education the ACMs and considering that through sport may keep alive the balance between body, soul and mind.


During the opening event highlighted the presence of lords André Arantes - Director of High Performance Sports Sports Ministry, Marco Aurélio da Costa Guedes - Olympic Villages Sub Secretary of the Sports of the Federal District. Soon after, began the round tables, where each unit had a different theme and the representative served as a mediator between the discussions.


The topics presented were:


National Plan of Action and Guidelines
Brazilian Federation of YMCAs, Secretary General - Mauricio Vandorsee


Representative of the ACM
ACM Rio Grande do Sul, Executive Secretary - José Ricardo Caporal


Defining Needs and Problem Solving in Physical Education of YMCAs ACM Minas Gerais, Executive Secretary - John Hellen


Market and Prospects, New Programs and Projects
ACM São Paulo, Executive Secretary - Marco Antonio Olivatto


Standardization Program
ACM Brasilia, Executive Secretary - Tatiana Schneider


Training of Employees
ACM Rio de Janeiro, Program Coordinator - Neil Christian Alves


With the formatting of a working basis for national YMCAs commission established the following guidelines for action:


Establish the expensive education Physics of YMCAs of Brazil.


1 - best way to achieve quality results at a lower cost;
2 - Physical Education committee with one representative from each local unit;
3 - report on the meeting in the local unit, with proposals of the commission;
4 - A responsible for formatting standard textbook - for August 20;
5 - Technical Committee:
Coordinator-General Marco Olivatto - ACM São Paulo
Fitness-Edney Delgado - ACM São Paulo
Sports - Marcio Coelho - ACM Porto Alegre
Bodybuilding - Tatiana Schneider - ACM Brasilia
Water - Neil Alves - ACM Rio de Janeiro
Technical / scientific - Octavian Augustus - ACM Sorocaba
6 - until July 15 to send to the responsible technical methodologies;
7 - The head coach must submit the 1st draft to the committee by October 20;
8 - virtual meeting according to necessity;
9 - made the manual analysis and approved by all committee technical / scientific, all units are using the "Methodology";
10 - next National Meeting in Minas Gerais.


1 - Beginning of the standardization work in the second half of 2010;
2 - create cost center location for training and capacity building;
3 - calendars for technical training in each unit with trained professional (if necessary, ordered another unit);
4 - create an overall schedule of national events;
5 - Develop standardized training and assessments of employees;
6 - The standard manual will be available in each unit and the Federation for direct access;
7 - Create a central purchasing;
8 - national standardization of uniforms;
9 - assemble a team for extension courses in each unit;
10 - That FEFISO sure chancele and after the technical, the methodologies developed.


1 - Each local YMCA participate in any board sport;
2 - The Federation participate in some national board sports;
3 - The Federation promote a policy of external services;
4 - The Federation promote legal understanding to guide the Units on the new law internship


Click on the links and download the report in Word or Power Point: 20Encontro 20Nacional% 20the%%% 20Educacao 20Fisica.ppt 20the% 20encontro 20Nacional% 20the%%% 20Educacao 20Fisica.doc

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