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ACM Tramandaí - Espaço de lazer Praiano Acemista

Tramandaí is regarded fondly by gauchos the "capital of the beaches" of Rio Grande do Sul located in this seaside town, ACM TRAMANDAÍ is just over 1 hour away from Porto Alegre and occupies an entire block (8,700 m²), running the year.

The location is prime because the seat is a few blocks from the sea, close to the city center, on the promenade of Marine Platform, which is an important tourist and leisure.

Some attractions of the ACM Tramandaí:

- Swimming;
- Volleyball court;
- Soccer field;
- Grill covered;
- Canteen (with optional food service);
- Games room (ping-pong, fla-flu, snookie, etc.);
- Cancha de boules;
- Square with toys;
- Outdoor space for multiple activities;
- Parking;
- Hall for meetings;
- Janitorial and security;
-. Staff of trained professionals in the areas of recreation and sports, experienced in working with groups;
- Accommodation for driver.

Accommodation Options:

1. Houses:

A. 8 townhouses (up to 6 persons) with bathroom, laundry area and fireplace, TV, refrigerator, stove, table, chairs, sofa bed and full kitchen equipment.

B. 6 townhomes WITH SUITE (up to 6 persons) with bathroom, laundry area and fireplace, TV, refrigerator, stove, table, chairs, sofa bed and full kitchen equipment.

2. Rooms:

A. 3 bedrooms with up to 4 people each.
B. 3. Hostel (youth and teens):
Accommodation (male and female) with bathrooms - with a total capacity for 60 people.

Activities developed at Headquarters:

The headquarters of the ACM Tramandaí, besides being a perfect space for recreation, leisure and vacation, can also be used for other activities, such as:

- Corporate events: courses, seminars, exchanges and retreats;
- Activities aimed at different age groups and interests;
- Thematic stays on special dates;
- Recreational programs;
- Camps Winter and Summer.


"Capital" beaches Gaucho

Distance from Porto Alegre ................................... 125 km
Average summer temperature ............................. 22 ° C to 30 ° C
Average winter temperature ............................ 5 ° C to 12 ° C
Number of inhabitants in the city .................................. 350,000
No. of vacationers (annual average) ............................ 35,000

City Attractions:

Marine Platform, Piers Bar (dolphins), Bridge on the River Tramandaí (fishing rods and fishing nets), Açorianos Museum, Historic Park Marshal Osorio, etc..

Space Leisure Praiano Acemista
Av Protásio Alves, 2248
Phone: (55 51) 661 1288
Tramandaí / RS
Information and reservations: ACM Porto Alegre
Street Washington Luiz, 1050 - Porto Alegre / RS
Phone: (55 51) 3226 8288
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